Blackpool, The Glen & Ballyvolane Parish Needs You

Until the Covid-19 Pandemic, parishes met their budgetary needs thanks to the generosity of successive generations of parishioners and our faith communities. Their generosity has made it possible for parishes to meet all their bills and priests have been supported also with offerings from the people they serve. As with so many others in society the Covid 19 outbreak has serious financial implications for our parish. The ability of the parish to continue to operate and meet it’s financial commitments is a matter of grave concern to us. We understand that many people are experiencing serious financial difficulties of their own at the moment and we are asking that you give only if you can afford to do so. We are looking into the option of providing a donate button on our website but in the meantime, the following are a few options as to how to support the parish at the moment.

1.  You can make a once off payment or set up a Standing Order with your bank. Please include your envelope number or name. Included in this post are our banking details. See image.


2. A collection box is now  situated and available at the back of the church for the all collections/donations and this takes the place of the basket which was handed from person to person for the various collections.

3. You  can continue to put aside your weekly contribution in your envelopes and you can place this envelope into the collection box situated at the back of the church. The opening times of the churches at the present time are –

Blackpool- Monday to Friday 9.00am to 3:00pm

Ballyvolane- Tuesday and Thursday 9:00 am to 11:30 am

The Glen- Wednesday 9:00am – 11:30 am


If you are a taxpayer and the total amount of your donations to the parish exceeds 250 euro or more our parish can benefit from an additional payment from the Revenue Commissioners. Under the tax relief for Designated Charities scheme our Parish can obtain a refund on the tax paid by individuals who are taxed under the PAYE tax system. This means the value of your donation will be increased, for example if you donate at least €250 (minimum qualifying amount) in the tax year and paid tax at a rate of 42%, The Parish is entitled to a repayment of €181 (250/58 * 42) making your total donation €431. Similarly the total value of a donation if you paid tax at a rate of 20% is €312.50. The appropriate form (CHY3) is available for download here for more information. All you need to do is complete, sign and date this CHY3 form and return it to us to the address below. Once signed, the new CHY3 form lasts for 5 years.  This means that you only need to fill out the form once every 5 years, which cuts our administration costs and saves you time. This form will need to be returned to one of the priests. In order to take part in this scheme you will need to collect a box of envelopes from the parish office or make your donation through the bank. This will enable us to generate extra income without any extra cost to our parishioners.

Again many thanks for your continued support, it is very much appreciated!

God bless you and your loved ones.

Fr John and Fr Damian