At Easter we will celebrate the Resurrection, the most important feast in  the Christian calendar. Now we begin Lent as a time to ready ourselves for that great feast of Easter. During Lent we are invited to let God find us where we are. God has the same question to ask of each of us: “Where are you?” During Lent we can make time to look at where we are in our lives and discover God’s presence anew. We are challenged to make time to listen to His word. We are invited to let Him get close to who we are and how we are.

Traditionally Lent is a time when we make sacrifices or take up some good deeds. Whatever we do, it would be a good idea to allow the Word of God to get close.  The Word of God comes to question who we are; it comes to support the kind of people we could be.  We could make a little time – five or ten minutes each day – to let the Word form us as it formed Jesus. Let it  influence what we do or say. Let the word of God find us so that we can emerge from our hiding places into the peace of God’s presence.