Every parish is a family, a kind of extended family. Together united in faith, hope and love, groups of followers of Jesus Christ gather in mutual support to live a Christian Life. Together they worship God; especially at Mass. Together they share their faith with their children and others. Such it is or should be in every parish.

At the start of 2020, we take the opportunity to thank God that in our parishes of The Cathedral, Blackpool, Glen, Ballyvolane and Sunday’s Well there are so many families and individuals who live the faith they profess.

In our parish there are many people whose special contribution to parish life is essential and immense. Through their often unnoticed work, the parishes run smoothly and parish life is enriched.

Today we offer SPECIAL THANKS toall involved. The priests of the parish thank  for the welcome you give us and a daily basis and for your support in the Parish Dues, the Christmas and Easter Collections. It is very much appreciated.

We wish you a happy and peaceful New Year.